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Veuve Clicquot

Large size folding box suitable for holding an ice bucket, made of cardboard printed and varnished in glossy and mat UV to create a contrasting draughtboard effect.  

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Folding box, offset and hot-foil printed, coated in shiny plastic, die cut and with automated application of transparent PVC to create a window. The interior is a transparent PVC thermoforming of a suitable thickness to hold a heavy bottle and … Continue reading

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Board game boxes, in rigid cardboard covered in coated paper and printed using a four-colour process. The simple shape (base and lid or cover) allows the assembly of this box to be automated at a very competitive cost.  

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Rigid box for candles, covered with white paper, soft to the touch. It is offset-printed in black with relief details. The structure is in three pieces, with “shoulder”, produced automatically. The interior is of cardboard, made and applied manually.  

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for CDs’

Rigid boxes with book-like “hinged” opening (detail), made completely automatically, covered in glossy paper offset-printed using a four-colour process, with the option of hot-stamping.  

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Benson & Hedges

Presentation cases for the sales force, made completely by hand in rigid cardboard covered with mat plastic-coated paper, UV-printed in six colours with a graduated background. Featuring rounded edges throughout, the case includes a small “hinge” to open it (assisted … Continue reading

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Rigid cardboard packaging covered in silver polyester, UV-printed in different styles, completely automated, with book-style opening to hold a product catalogue or gift tokens. The sizes are “reduced” in thickness and the side edge is cut in a V-shape to … Continue reading

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Folding box, made by machine using special embossed pre-dyed paper but assembled manually to obtain an oval shape. The interior inside the box is a die cut cardboard, as is the external sleeve.  

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Various chocolates

Rigid base covered automatically with uncoated paper; the interior consists of  a red flocked PS vacuum form, with a relief and shadow-effect to resemble embossed gathered textile.

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Small folding boxes made of cardboard coupled with UV-printed four-colour polyester plus Pantone red and yellow for the Ferrari logo and varnished.  

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